Focused Plans

Prepare for Success

Business Opportunities

  • Evaluation and exploitation of business opportunities, location of strategic partners, set up of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • A network of business correspondents in foreign countries helps with the location of partners, investors and distributors

Marketing and Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning, business and marketing plans
  • Expert advice on conception of start – ups, seed investments, from idea to IPO
  • Extensive experience in consulting to Technological Incubator companies
  • Marketing consortia management


  • Construction and execution of marketing plans: sales strategies, distribution agreements, licensing, partners abroad

Institutional Support

  • Applications to the Innovation Authority of the Ministry of Economics, for the support of the R&D program of the company (all funds: Magnet, Magneton, Katamon, Bi-national, ISERD, etc.)
  • Applications to the Investment Center for “Approved Enterprise” status